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Folio illustration agency, London, UK | Bodil Jane - Food, Recipes, Animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages and maps - Illustrator

Smug One (aka Sam Bates) is an Australian born street artist based in Glasgow and as you walk the streets of the city it is hard to miss his enormous works of art that often adorn entire gable end walls.

Repost from @biophilicart Iguana (with attitude!) completed . Letting you in to personal life secrets now my OH (whom l have to tell you has been the absolute best influence on my art work so don't take this the wrong way two creative people often have different opinions!) and l had a creative difference over this. He loved the iguana but said he should have been on a rock or ANYTHING other than a silly white surface! I like the contrast and the way he looks like he is coming through a…

One in a series of 5 posters featuring illustrations by Jo Cox. These posters feature Jo’s illustrations of her son Tom Cox’s cats, The Bear and Ralph. The Bear is a 21-year-old poet, philosopher and cat who is troubled daily by politics, melancholia and his love of The Smiths. Ralph, is a dandy, hunk, genius, …

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