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White bronze and medium grey concrete statement ring / size 7 / concrete ring / modern jewelry / concrete jewelry

The Icon Collection Cinderella Carriage Necklace

Make a Silicone Mold from Silicone Sealant - super easy and a LOT cheaper than buying mold making supplies

World's easiest silicone mold.

Cheap silicone mold making instructions. You will need: water blue dish-soap(about 1 oz per pint water clear 100% silicone caulk (do not buy quick set silicone, you need 100% silicone) bowl caulk gun scissors/knife

Washing Hermes Silk Scarves

Did you know? - you CAN hand wash Hermes silk scarves ....and save on those dry cleaning bills! Hermes do recommend that you only dry clean your scarves. But several people have asked about washing their...

Copper Orb Jewelry Box

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How to make a Silicone Mold for casting in cement, concrete, plaster, wax, epoxy or even soap. These molds are easy to make and create perfect replicas down to the smallest detail.