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Food Photography :: Back in college when I first started incorporating more vegetables in to my life, my go-to vegetable was broccoli. I’d throw it on everything – broccoli on pizza, broccoli in pasta, broccoli stirred into my stir fry. Then one day the world went crazy for kale and I feel like broccoli got left behind. It’s so humble and hearty, yet folks always seem to forget about it. It’s not winning awards for the trendiest vegetable, but who knows/? Maybe 2017 will be its year in the…

from The Kitchn

11 Easy Ways to Fancy Up Your Avocado Toast — Two-Ingredient Upgrades

I feel nostalgic for the good old days when avocado toast was something novel, a little breakfast secret to share with friends. Avocado toast these days, well, it's gone mainstream. But that doesn't mean we should take it for granted. Avocados are a water-hungry crop, and with drought conditions being what they are, this wonderful fruit could get rarer and more expensive in the days ahead. So make that avocado toast count — every slice should be extra special! Here are 11 delicious ways to…


More like one word…

Wilfred Brimley can say "Diabetus," after anything and it would be hilarious!

from House of Nash Eats

Baking Powder Biscuits

These farmhouse style baking powder biscuits are a tradition in our family. Incredibly easy to make, even on busy mornings, and perfectly light and tender, I love making these for my girls, just like my mom always made them for me.

from Cutefetti

Holiday Leftovers? Try this Creamy Turkey Casserole

I have to admit, I’m a recipe addict. I love checking them out, collecting them, trying them.  Although, I tend to collect a whole lot more than I actual make them, it’s a fun little addiction. I’m sure we’re all looking for delicious recipes at this time of the year. Recently, I tried a Creamy Turkey...Read More »

from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Stir-Fried Broccoli with Brown Rice (Meat Optional)

Asian Broccoli Stir Fry aka Stir-Fried Broccoli with Brown Rice {Meat Optional}. "..Even though you can see cute little shrimp pictured in this dish, I have to admit that often when I make it, broccoli is the star of the show, because a.) I love a good meatless meal and b.) stir-fried broccoli is amazing. Like, addicting amazing. And actually, the broccoli is the star of the show even when I throw in shrimp or chicken." from Mel's Kitchen