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21 Of The Most Adorable Chris Pine GIFs

Community Post: 21 Of The Most Adorable Chris Pine GIFs

Spock Stepped on Kirk's Tail--This is the title on Set Phasers to LOL . I don't get it (since that's Bones running after Kirk, not Spock), but the gif with the caption is really funny!

Ironical :-)

Star Trek Irony: After all the episodes that ended with the Captain on the bridge, it all ended with a bridge on the Captain.

10 Mejores Obras de Arte de Star Wars de 2014! El

Chewbacca sticks his head out the window of the Millennium Falcon on a Joy Ride!<<< he would literally kill Han and himself if he did this.

Star Trek. Prediciendo el futuro desde 1966.  (Pregúntales cuál es el problema con el cartel)

Star Trek - Predicting the future of technology since They didn't necessarily predict. They were the reason we have flip phones, so without Star Trek we most likely would have never had flip phones and other technology.

Star Wars VS Game of Thrones