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OMG. She literally makes no sense!-->Hillary gave a rare press conference. It was terrible. Hillary Finally Gave a Press Conference. It Was a Master Class in Obfuscation. By Jeremy Stahl


Watchdog group accuses Clinton campaign of election law violations

A nonpartisan watchdog group today called for a federal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee, accusing it of illegally accepting millions of dollars worth of “opposition research” and other assistance from Correct the Record, an outside super-PAC.

Emails Prove Hillary Knew Libyan Rebels Were Conducting Ethnic Cleansing, Supported Them Anyway

The FBI Director's ties to the Clinton Foundation run deep...

from The Intercept

Hacked Audio Reveals Hillary Clinton Sees Herself Occupying “Center-Left to Center-Right”

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Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine

Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine By MAUREEN DOWD,

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We've put criminals in the White House. Hillary or Donald will be more of the same. #JillNotHill #SteinBaraka #NeverHillary Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War |

More Troubling Evidence That Hillary Clinton Will Start WW3 – Part 2 Michael Krieger | Posted Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 at 2:42 pm