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andrewartwork:    Fenris as a VanguardMass Age crossover

When BioWare games collide. If Fenris from Dragon Age 2 was in Mass Effect - Mass Age by AndrewRyanArt on DeviantArt

Alistair (Mass Age) by Andrew Ryan.  Too bad Bioware hadn't thought to suit him up alongside Shep, Kaidan, Garrus, and Tali.  He cuts a nice figure in the Alliance armor

Dragon Age / Mass Effect - Soldier Alistair (by AndrewRyanArt) -- DA/ME crossover

Commander Cullen of the Inquisition Fleet by jennytan on DeviantArt

pandahart: “Commander Cullen of the Inquisition Fleet. A Mass effect AU. The little blue glowsticks are meant to be lyrium rods that Templars can use to enhance their biotics. Also my lovely boyfriend gave me the idea to incorporate one of the.

Saren Sketch by AndrewRyanArt on deviantART (Mass Effect in Dragon Age's world. OH SNAP.)

Saren by AndrewRyanArt on deviantART - mass effect/dragon age crossover