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Ensemble, nous pouvons faire que tout cela se termine.

“If we are able to create objects like this, it makes you wonder what the military are working on.” DNA swabs, Geiger counters and shameful odours: inspired by the death of Alexander Litvinenko, avant-garde footwear designer Benjamin John Hall's presents seven pairs of high-tech, espionage-themed shoes. Read the full article on #benjaminjohnhall #londoncollegeoffashion #fashionspacegallery

Yep. And school should also be in a castle. Where you turn feathers into frogs for homework. I dont want to take muggle studies anymore!

from Epicurious

Butternut Squash Vegducken

There's no shame in not eating turkey at Thanksgiving, or ham at Christmas-that is, when you have Butternut Squash Vegducken. This vegetable stunner of an entrée is an entirely meatless take on turducken, with butternut squash, eggplant, and zucchini filling in for the usual suspects. An added bonus: the cheesy mushroom stuffing makes use of leftover vegetable scraps, making the dish #wasteless

by Maryam Savoji. [Image #4 of Week: Sept 23th - 27th] I like the slight gradient from dark to light that leads to the entrance of the 'tunnel' and the deep contrast between the dark figure and the light surrounding it. Value and even small touches of color provide a lot of character for this piece.

This is where Lewis Carroll stayed whilst he was writing Alice in Wonderland. The Liddell family kept the Penmorfa Hotel until 1873, and later it was turned into a 37-bed hotel called the Gogarth Abbey.

Abandoned house, looks beautiful. Natural materials, arches, masonry, but shows the results of the high cost of upkeep. This kind of building, at this kind of scale, might be more tenable with modern materials and techniques, but nothing lasts forever.

Looks like the Tahj Mahal design. It's white too. This is my envisioned house design! It would be the living room.

Oh, what exquisite it used to be! Inside of an abandoned Manor House by the Boatman- how can anyone walk away and just leave a house like this to deteriorate - so sad.