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Lisboa, a bridge to San Francisco - via Delicious Wordflux 15.05.2014 | “Every morning breaks in the same place, There are no mornings over cities, or mornings over the country. When the day breaks, when the light shudders as it rises All places are the same place, all lands are the same, And the freshness that rises is eternal.” (From Acordar da Cidade de Lisboa, Mais Tarde do Que as Outras, Alvaro de Campos)

Lisbon's Best Viewpoints according to Townske Guides 22.05.2016 | As anyone who ever visited the city might have noticed, Lisbon is built on many hills. This means walking around the city can be pretty exhausting, but it also means you have beautiful miradouros (Portuguese for viewpoints) everywhere, and at the most unexpected places. These are the most beautiful ones. Photo: Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Sugar Loaf mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

5 Places to Visit around Lisbon - via twoworldsonelife 03.03.2015 | Lisbon is a small city but you will be amazed by all the things there is to do in this area and how easy it is to get around! The great thing about Lisbon is the local transportation; you can basically go anywhere within an hour using only one card...

Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbona. Quando si dice guardare dall'alto in basso... #Portogallo

from San Francisco Chronicle

The tile makers’ view of Portugal

The tile makers’ view of Portugal - via San Francisco Chronicle 05.05.2016 | Bailey and Petravic found plenty of inspiration in Lisbon, which is well known for its decorative tile art, including the blue-and-white azulejos that can be spotted throughout the city. Photo: Palacio Ramalhete is a small hotel full of beautiful tile.

Sintra - a fairytale city! - via TravAgSta 15.04.2015 | Depending on how much you want to see, you can easily spend one weekend just in Sintra. It has really deserved its UNESCO world heritage status.

A rhythm to one of the oldest cities in the world | via Western Morning News | 6/06/2014 My first venture into Portugal’s breathtaking capital began by following this silvery brick road down to the oldest district of Lisbon, Alfama, which tumbles down the southern slope from the impressive Castle of São Jorge, a delight for sightseers, and spreads out into a jumble of terracotta-tiled rooftops set against the gleaming white of the architecture and a sky so blue... #Portugal

Discovering the Allure of Lisbon - via MoTravels 23.05.2013 | There is just something about Lisbon. The sun-kissed city set against the Atlantic Ocean, recently named one of the best European destinations to visit in 2013, just draws you in. Elegant without being pretentious, Europe’s 2nd oldest capital, which is spread over several hillsides and overlooks the Tagus River, is an intoxicating mix of old and new that allows you to feel and see the history of Lisbon. #Portugal