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In this video piece, Baldessari makes several arm movements, reciting the phrase, "I am making art," after each gesture. Baldessari suggests that the gap between art and the ordinary, between art and life, may be imperceptible.

John Baldessari - I Am Making Art , 1971 @ MoMA

No More Boring Art. John Baldessari.

John Singer Sargent and his buddies, 1888

John Baldessari — There Isn’t Time (Goya Series), 1997

John Baldessari - Goya Series, 1997 AnOther | Loves | AnOther Loves

Frames and Ribbon, 1988, , Black-and-white photographs and vinyl paint. © John Baldessari In the piece Frames and Ribbons, Baldessari incorporates flat, geometric shapes of color to change the meaning of appropriated images.

Noses and Ears, Etc.: The Gemini Series: Profile with Ear and Nose (Colour), 2006, , National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Screen print on paper mounted on Sintra with hand painting. © John Baldessari In this piece Baldessari exposes an isolated nose and ear on a facial profile in silhouette.