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Become the soul. We'll show you how >

Become the soul. We'll show you how >


" Fais ce que tu aimes et non ce que tu penses que tu es censé faire "

"life is a balance of holding on and letting go" - Illustration depicts a caterpillar holding on to a branch which will inevitably become the butterfly sailing above... minimalist print by Ryan McArthur

That's why when you first meet someone you should always be completely yourself. Don't pretend you do or don't like things to make them like you. If it's true love they will love you just as you are. And you can be comfortable being yourself.


I don't feel depressed in the sense of sadness. Just stopped caring about myself. That's going to change. Going to actively love myself this year in a healthy way so I can be better for my family

Perhaps the biggest truth behind our restlessness and unhappiness. We are ever increasing our expectations of the 'future' while completely looking past the present that can actually fulfil all our expectations ...but we never gave it a chance.