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Contorted Hazelnut. This shrub or small tree has showy yellow catkins that dangle from the twisting and corkscrew shaped branches in early to mid-spring cheering up the garden after a long winter. Blooms are followed by dense deep green foliage, which makes it a good choice as a screening plant or hedge. When the foliage falls in autumn, the compelling branches are revealed again to be enjoyed the entire winter. Need Help?

Pardon the Interruption: How Did Interrupted Fern Get Its Crazy Name?

I like the way a lattice-framed semi-circle has been incorporated into this porch front. It creates a niche in which a plant can become the center of attention (here, a shade-loving fern). Discover the qualities of the so-called "interrupted" fern in this piece:

A Harry Lauder's Walking Stick in Bloom, Corylus avellana - How to Grow and Care for Harry Lauder's Walking Stick