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WW1. A French soldier carrying a German Mauser Tankgewehr 13 mm gun used in tank warfare and a standard issue French rifle. - Hulton Archive / Getty

Germany's 128mm anti-tank gun.... A true contender on the battlefield. Know as the "Stubborn Emil", it was based on the Henschel VK30.1 chassis. The main gun could traverse 7degrees to each side, elevate 10degrees, & lower -15 degrees. This armored vehicle carried 15 rounds for its massive main gun!! Top speed was 16mph, only two of these monsters were ever built...

Panzerkampfwagen IV (Special) Ausf F2 Panzer Grenadier Division "Grossdeutschland", Eastern Front, Summer of 1942. #WorldWar2 #Tanks

German Panzerturm emplacement on the Eastern Front. The turret is a Renault FT Girod turret with a 37mm gun. Hundreds of Renault FT Light Tanks were captured by the Germans after the Fall of France, and many ended up being used as fixed Panzerturm fortifications.

German World War 2 Colour 88mm FLAK Used In Ground Warfare On Eastern Front Russia 1942