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Not a fan of the wall of the tub..but the glass part is AMAZING. so cool!

PIN 4 The clear glass tub adds a touch of luxury, but also makes the space feel larger than what it is, it also adds a creative feature to the bathroom

Glass tub

i love the idea of this glass bath tub and how cool it looks but i am little afraid of how hard it would be to keep it clean and sparkly everyday. Plus I hope no one would walk in on you in the tub, that might be weird.

wow looks like a fishtank accept for humans!

Amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome. Unfortunately, you need a lot of money for all this stuff. Amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome.

Curious Places: Granny's Empire of Art (San Francisco/ California)

Yellow submarine bathroom. This would be awesome for a kids bathroom. if I ever have a big enough house that the kids get their own bathroom!

Fuck Yeah Interior Designs!

Amazing rain forest shower and bathroom. Having plants in your home is always a good idea, and this makes your daily shower seem more like a vacation.

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one wall glass/wooden connector as shower heads/wooden shower floor/very futuristic but beautiful wood shower head, beautiful shower floor, black and white

Luxo azul

Some things I need in my home. A big glass shower. A big glass shower with a view. Heated floors/floor space just outside the shower/bath area. Natural lifted wood platform can easily be turned into a heated floor.

Glass BathTub

If wood is a bit too dark, maybe a glass bath sitting on a lit plinth? LOVE IT

I want a bathroom that is really clean

Bathroom vanity with marble apron and hand painted walls with Cherry Blossom Motif