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Carozo y  Narizota en vivoooo!!!

Carozo y Narizota en vivoooo!!!

Funny Parenting

Kids Crying For The Funniest Reasons Ever funny kids parents lol children humor funny pictures funny kids hysterical funny images why my kid is crying. I feel bad for laughing now.

Dragon Ball motivation, everyone should go to the gym! Become that Super Saiyan today!

Dragon Ball Motivation

Dragon Ball Z Gyms. I seriously want all of these on a shirt. I would definitely go to Master Roshi's gym

Dragon Ball Z puns

I should not have found this as funny as I did.

Just Saiyan by random - Meme Center

Dragon Ball Z Minimalist Posterswonder if i can print theses and modge podge them on wood for a growth chart.i like that there are few details and lots of color.