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May your character preach more loudly than you words. Who you are and your values have the ability to influence others and the world. Actions speak louder than words so therefore who you are speaks louder than what you have to say.

Marianne Williamson ..* by billie

In order for the pains of the past to heal you cannot keep opening the wound. You need to move on a live in the present.

Just sitting back and I’m going to watch ... they did it to themselves and have no one else to blame when it explodes in their face.

If you know you've been good to someone and they did you wrong, wish the best and just chill. God works in mysterious ways.

Upon waking in the morning, talk to God and see how much better your day goes from there! #giveittoGod

The secret to a happy life is giving God the first part of your day, the first priority to every decision and the first place in your heart. ~ God is Heart

"PRAYER is the way and means God has appointed for the communication of the blessings of His goodness to His people." ~ A.W. Pink

God is always there to listen to us, therefore, why not take some time out of our days to talk to Him. After all, He WANTS to listen to us and hear how our days are.