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We were thrilled celebrate the Supreme Court ruling at the DC Center with a member of the legal team! Maureen Holland is a civil right employment lawyer from Tennessee who represented a Tennessee couple working with the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR). Thanks for being part of this special day!

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Roast vegetable and houmous pie

Roast vegetable and houmous pie recipe by Angela Boggiano. The sweet potato layer in this vegetarian pie base absorbs the steam released from the baking vegetables, thereby keeping the pastry crisp.

This is General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing. As the supreme general of the American Expeditionary Forces during the Great War, he commanded a force of two million men strong. A West Point instructor, Pershing is considered to have been the mentor of some of America’s greatest generals—Patton, Bradley, Eisenhower, and Marshall. During his service he held the highest position in the US Armed forces—General of the Armies—in the history of the United States, surpassing even George Washington.

THE MYSTERIOUS LAST VAULT DOOR AT PADMANABHASWAMY TEMPLE..."a Secret Door in this Temple is holding secret knowledge & more Treasure Troves....the only snag is, it has been locked by sound waves from a secret chant lost in time!!" (The Temple's earlier Hidden Treasure Trove, now undergoing inventory by Supreme Court appointed Panel has been estimated to be around $ 22 Bln!)

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First pictures reveal success of life-saving surgery on toddler with eight limbs

Vishnu appears on earth in various avatars, but only Rama and the Buuddha play a significant role. He contains and balances good and evil and preserves the divine order of the universe. He wears a seven-headed cobra and holds a lotus flower, conch shell, spinning disc and a mace. He also has a caste mark on his forehead.

Borowski took what he archly calls the “Karl Rove approach” to the redesign: “Find the weaknesses and turn them into strengths.” A case in point: Pozner’s ubiquitous piles of paperwork. “These led us to design multiple sliding desktops,” fabricated by Paul Chung of New York Construction Associates and Supreme General Construction, with multiple sliding trays he could spread his papers out on.