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I have just purchased Elephant Savanna from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles -

25 Folding Furniture Designs for Saving Space

Chairs that are made to look like puzzles. And just like puzzles, these are made to fit together to create more space when placed together.

"Land of the Polar Bears" - This shaped puzzle is perfect for #Christmas with it's unique shape and #Whimsy pieces it can be quite the challenge!

Chunky Jigsaw Coasters And Trivet

If you like the play the jigsaw puzzles, you will like the jigsaw inspired home furniture and home decorations. The distinct jigsaw themed home decor items and crafts are full of character and sophisticated charm.

Wooden jigsaw puzzle. COLORFUL ANIMAL GLOBE. Marina Zlochin. Wood, handcut, handcrafted, collectible. Bella Puzzles

Pinecone Bats

Black felt, pinecones, and wiggly eyes are all kids need to create a small colony of creepy-cute Pinecone Bats! Perfect for Halloween.