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Mr. Krapf is a local author originally from Jasper IN in Dubois County. Have you read his work? From Norb: Here is a link to a recent review of "Catholic Boy Blues" by Long Island poet Stefanie Lipsey, to whom I send thanks. I have added the name of the new publisher who has taken over the book and will post the new cover in a few days. Copies of the book have shipped to the new publisher ACTA Publications; In Extenso imprint.

Love and Rape

Yep or given a date rape drug ---->consent Asshole. Being drunk and passed out is not consent

This march is about raising awareness about stopping sexual assault, rape and gender violence. It's actually an international men march for men and women to get an opportunity to raise awareness and also learn about the causes and effects sex violence. This march puts emphasis on how important it is to have open communication about sexual assault and violence so that people can learn how to speak up about it.

Rape culture. Women don't rape themselves, so this issue needs to be (largely) discussed, seriously with men. When do the classes for men to not rape start (instead of self-defense classes for women)?

What did giant corporations do with their trillion-dollar "Bush" tax cuts? (1) Bought out other companies and consolidated their work forces, WHICH COST U.S. JOBS. (2) Moved their manufacturing operations to other countries, WHICH COST U.S. JOBS. . . . . What didn't they do? Create jobs. (Great "Jobs Plan", GOP -- what else you got?)