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Astra Flying Saucers bulk 3000 units 0.5

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Jolly Grub is one of the largest British food importers .

Soucoupes avec à l'intérieur sa poudre piquante : d'abord, la fadeur de l'enrobage de mêm texture que l'hostie, qui ramollissait et collait au palais, et ensuite la poudre super acidulée ... addictif ... Flw

Pastel-Coloured Flying Saucers

Pastel-Coloured Flying Saucers - photo by Sam Stowell on All Posters - for those of you who don't know what flying saucers are - they are fizzy sherbert in rice paper disks joined together to look like - yes flying saucers a UK and Aussie treat - yum!

Disco Flying Saucer sweet tree - for the middle of the table

Disco Flying Saucer Sweet Tree - for the Mmiddle of the Table.

:O) 'Flying Saucers' with super sour sherbert inside!!!!! @blanket ID + Cate, remember these?

'Flying Saucers' - rice paper rounds with sherbert inside!

Flying saucers, takes me right back to my childhood :) So glad Shakespeares Tavern in San Diego sells them.

Favourite traditional British sweets: in pictures

Flying saucers are a kind of rice paper sandwich with sherbet in the middle. It was voted Britain's all time favourite sweet. These are believed to have been first produced in the

Flying Saucer Craft ~ This UFO craft is so awesome it can double as the party favor. Let kids decorate plastic bowls with office-supply stickers. Before taping them together, fill with candy. Be sure to add the little green commander of the ship!

Alien Birthday Party

diy alien craft and party favor. we had alot of fun with this !

How to make a flying saucer sweet tree

Hellooo ♥ This is literally my third time trying to upload this post, how infuriating! Anyhow, hopefully it actually works this time!

UFO candy... I don't know they still made these. They are perfect for an alien, UFO or space party theme.

Birthday Party Ideas

{BN Black Book of Parties} Rockets and Robots Party

Flying Saucer Sweet Tree

Flying Saucer Sweet Tree - Sweet Creations photos gallery for Flying Saucer Sweet Tree

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever!

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever!

flying saucer candy

Pretty pastel sweets in vintage milk glass (Citrusandorange).

Flying saucers - a #70s sweets classic

Flying saucers - a sweets classic tasted like card board.

Alien Party Ideas | Alien Party Craft | Flying Saucer Craft at Birthday in a Box

Event Decor - Alien Shaker for Percussion Station

satellite wafers old time candy

CANDY~satellite wafers old time candy

Spooky Creepy Alien UFO Flying Saucer Sci Fi Space Collar Pin Badge Brooch

Spooky Creepy Alien UFO Flying Saucer Sci Fi Space Collar Pin Badge Brooch

Spooky Creepy Alien UFO Flying Saucer Sci by Hoodratroughdiamond

Well,This´s The Time For Us To Meet Again !...Our Cosmic Brothers Are Finally Visiting Us !...This´ll Be A Moment So Fantastic If Not Insane !...But,We´ll Never Be Left Alone On This Infinite Cosmos !...(c) Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?.. Samissomar

The Most Important Extraterrestrial Conference Ever Held

The fascinating digital collages of Spanish artist Joseba Elorza aka MiraRuido, who leads us into his world between retro-future, science fiction and surrealism