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The light of Protection I carry it strong, no ill wishes or trouble can come along. You cannot harm me or weaken my soul. My light is my weapon peace is my goal.

Awakening of the Witch by Desiree Mitchell Blessed Be! Wiccan, Pagan…

Who Is Your Magical Alter Ego?

Wondering how to celebrate Samhain this year? Here are plenty of ideas to spark your Samhain rituals, spells, and traditions.


Magic does not go beyond visual tricks. Magick can be experienced easily if you just believe.

3 feitiços para lançar na Lua Crescente | Wicca, Magia, Bruxaria, Bruxa, Paganismo Aproveite a Lua Crescente para lançar feitiços que lhe ajudem a alcançar seus objetivos, que tragam saúde e que promovam sucesso. Caso precise de detalhes sobre como prepará-los, visite o Santuário Lunar!

Feitiços Wiccanos na Lua Crescente: Objetivos, Saúde, Sucesso

Pagen serenity prayer

I think this quote has been adapted from a traditional Celtic prayer. It's a different way of thinking about the elements.

Gentle curse to push someone in the right direction #spell #witchcraft

Gentle curse to push someone in the right direction #spell #witchcraft