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Drawing Exercise - simply cut out a portrait from a magazine and finish the body. We often look through the magazine for a different body and use it as a reference. Humor almost always finds its way into the lesson.

The Overwhelming Weirdness Of 1800s Ghost Mother Photography

The Overwhelming Weirdness Of 1800s Ghost Mother Photography. We have come a long way in this profession.

Pencil Drawing. Hang fabric from the ceiling tiles and add some spotlights. A classic drawing exercise

Queen Mary (L) with some of the children from the nursery school attached to the Rachel McMillan Training College in Deptford, London - 1 May 1930

Boredom can easily strike anyone at any time of the day. No matter how interesting things can be, it can still become boring if done over and over again. And all people need to loosen up and have time to exercise their creative side and one of the easiest way to do it is toRead more