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Documentary Films. Title: Vecinos (Neighbors). Year: 1985. Duration: 16 min. Country: Cuba. Direction: Enrique Colina. It's about a satirical criticism of the violation of the rules of behavior and breaches of regulations in multiple buildings, creating conflicts between neighbors.

Documentary Films. Title: Tokio Ga. Year: 1985 . Duration: 89 min. Country: Germany. Direction: Wim Wenders

Documentary Films. Title: The Family Album. Year: 1986. Duration: 57 min. Country:EE.UU. Direction: Alan Berliner. Experimental documentary that uses an extensive collection of rare 16mm home movies, ranging from the twenties to the fifties. Structured from birth to death, is a film collage that weaves its elements in a full life, full of celebrations and struggles from childhood to adulthood, from innocence to experience.

Documentary Films.Title: Veinte años no es nada (Twenty years its nothing). Year: 2005. Duration: 112 min.Country: Spain. Direction: Joaquím Jordá

Documentary Films.Title: Balseros. Year: 2002. Duration: 120 min. Country: Spain. Direction: Carles Bosch, Josep Maria Doménech.

Documentary Films. Title: El perro mongol (Mongolian dogs). Year: 2005. Duration: 90 min. Country: Germany. Direction: Byambasuren Davaa.

Documentary Films. Title: Koyaanisqatsi. Year: 1983. Duration: 87 min. Country: EE.UU. Direction: Godfrey Reggio.

Documentary Films.Title: Amsterdam Global Village Year : 1996. Duration:245 min. Country: Netherlands Director: Johan van der Keuken

Shoah (1985)

Documentary Films.Tittle: Shoah. Year: 1985. Duration: 566 min. Country: France. Direction: Claude Lanzmann

Documentary Films.Title: Promises. Year: 2001. Duration: 106 min. Country: EE.UU. Direction: Carlos Bolado, B.Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro.