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"You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it." --Robert Anthony I HAVE GOT TO REMEMBER THIS!

Self-esteem (minus the makeover one since most of my low self-esteem girls are already too image-focused)

How to Sew With Minky Fabric

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Starting today Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Starting Today, I Need To Forget What's Gone, Appreciate What Still Remains, And Look Forward To What's Coming Next. Very good advice.

Strong woman

My daughter has already proven to be strong at 8 weeks early, may she carry that strength with her throughout life.

Heard similar from a client recently. Is this how many people feel who are contemplating bariatric surgery?

no regrets! I have to take this chance! You can call me crazy or stupid! Call it a scam, sit back and watch me change my life!


** Save for the last day.this one got to me (misty eyes and all). I hope you read this one last. This my love, is how I Love You!