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vintage everyday boy photographer seeks danger as others flee

Boy Photographer Seeks Danger as Others Flee - Lo Manh Hung, Story of the Youngest Photo Journalist in South Vietnam

Happy 97th, David Douglas Duncan.    The photographer lived through most of the 20th century, and is still alive well into the 21st. He remains, decades after he stopped covering armed conflicts, one of history’s preeminent war photographers. That he is so much more than a war photographer, though, is only one of the reasons we celebrate his birthday and his incomparably productive life.

David Douglas Duncan's pictures from the Korean War: the best, truest photographic chronicle of America's brutal 'Forgotten War.

Art Rogers in a foxhole in Leyte, Philippines. So many war photos came from this man's camera...

Remembering Art Rogers

Navy Photographer's Mate Art Rogers holds his Anniversary Speed Graphic camera in a foxhole in Leyte, Philippines,

Robert Capa (the well known war photographer) and George Rodger,

Robert Capa & George Rodger, great war photographers, Naples, Capa would later take the famous pictures of the Omaha Beach landings on D-Day.

UPI photojournalists David Hume Kennerly (L) and Willie Vicoy in Saigon ca1975

UPI photojournalists David Hume Kennerly (L) and Willie Vicoy in Saigon

Tim Page (b 1944) English author and self-taught photographer in Vietnam and Cambodia during the 1960s. In "Dispatches", Michael Herr wrote that he was the most 'extravagant' of the 'wigged-out crazies"and his unusual personality was part inspiration for the character of the photojournalist in "Apocalypse Now". He was wounded with shrapnel 4 times. Now a lecturer and author including "Requiem" a tribute to journalists and photographer who have died in combat zones

Photographer, Tim Page, in Vietnam. Tim Page is a famous war photographer who started with a borrowed Nikon. "Here, he is using a NIKON!