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Simplify dinner preparation with this no-stir pasta cooker, an essential addition to your chef-worthy kitchen.   Product: Pasta...

Simplify dinner preparation with this no-stir pasta cooker, an essential addition to your chef-worthy kitchen. Product: Pasta cookerConstruction Material: PlasticColor: Clear and blackFeatures: Pasta cooks in minutesDimensions: H x Diameter

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You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

Sehr gute Idee für vergessliche Leute wie natürlich nicht mich.

love post its! Need to remind yourself of something but don’t want to write it on your hand? Why not wear a Post-it note watch! Doriane Favre designed these watch-shaped sticky notes


Because Daft Punk is having their moment. an iphone case based on the Get Lucky artwork

Bottle cap keys

This Bottle Lock slots into most standard-sized wine and liquor bottles, and secures with a four number combination. After inserting the lock, change the combination and twist into place to secure.

Flexible grating. Grater flattens when not in use. I need this!

Flexita Food Grater by Ely Rozenberg - a flexible grater that makes grating food so much easier. Folding into a grater when needed and stores flat when not in use.

Thrifty's Double Chocolate Malted Krunch Ice Cream....here I come!  She scoops, she scores!

Ice Cream Scoop Stack--just twist and lift to get that hard-to-scoop ice cream. With a simple release push button, presentation can be creative and fun! This so reminds me of getting Thriftys Ice cream

Mophie's Back-Up Charger Keychain, $26 | 31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

mophie Juice Pack Reserve Portable iPhone Charger / Battery Pack - this little key chain will give your iPhone or iPod a boost of power and can be reused over and over!

Time to reinvent the toaster! Who wants an antiquated appliance where the bread is toasted without seeing and pops out when it's done when you can have this baby!?

George Watson's Glide toaster concept is a sculptural reinterpretation of a kitchen appliance that has basically retained its identifiable, iconic shape since it was introduced in

Lamp powered by water #DeskLamp #ConceptualLamp #DesignLamp @idlights

Modern Floor Lamp Powered by Water

WAT, water-powered lamp by Manon Leblanc. A few drops of water kick starts the process where it combines with a hydroelectric battery (composed of a carbon stick coated with magnesium powder) to generate an electro chemical reaction to create power.

HydraCoach; calculates your need for hydration I want this!!!!

The Hydrocoach water bottle is a new gadget designed to calculate the recommended hydration for an individual and measure their amount of consumption throughout the day. Workouts just got serious.

Fun Apple Slicer.  Plus, if you only slice half an apple, you can leave the slicer in place and keep the rest from going brown. cool-tech

Fancy - Giro Apple Slicer, makes perfect apple spirals. This thing is pure genius!

The Bar10der ($49.99) boasts ten essential implements that swing out from one compact unit, including a muddler, reamer, jigger, zester, and more.

Best Cooking Tools of 2012

Amazing - the sugar bowl stays in place while pouring the creamer #productdesign #industrialdesign

Tonfisk design -Newton (Milk + Creamer - sugar bowl stays in place while you tip the pitcher)

Elliptical/bike- Must get one of   these

Elliptigo Outdoor Elliptical Bike Review