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Gilgit Hunza road trip recommendations based on trip under taken in June 2015 with family of 7 using the Pindi Besham Gilgit route to Karimabad, Hunza

Hob House – Nairobi’s secret treasure. Travelling one hundred thousand miles a year, year over year, changes you. For one you tend to not get surprised by “expected” surprises. Plans go off, flights get delayed, baggage misplaced and appointments missed. This does not include screw

Dubai Weekend photo shoot This trip finally found some downtime at midnight and early morning. Used it to capture the Dubai sunrise and sunset from the higher floors of Ghurair center.  Shot with the trusted Canon 70D with the new 55 – 250 IS USM

Extends the analysis for a hedge effectiveness presentation to the board of an airline. Questions answered include reviewing the volatility distribution, P&L distribution, hedge ratios and hedge effectiveness for a fuel hedging program

Episode one of the Skardu, Shigar, Khaplu travelogue. A family of 16 makes its way to Shigar fort and Khaplu palace.