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Sid Avery. Buster Keaton. 1964.

“ Buster Keaton serenades Bobbi Shaw on the set of Pajama Party (1964) ”

1964 actor Buster Keaton with a Saint Bernard

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Buster Keaton meets Samuel Beckett

Buster Keaton meets Samuel Beckett; they made "film" together. [We would love to show this film at the Irreal Cafe, if there were an Irreal Cafe.]

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Steve Schapiro. Taxi Driver y El Padrino

Buster Keaton. 1964 - Steve Schapiro

Pajama Party, Bobbi Shaw and Buster Keaton (1964).

Jean-Patrick Lebel, "Buster Keaton" (1964)

"What you have to do is create a character. Then the character just does his best, and there’s your comedy. No begging." — 1964 Buster Keaton