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Sir James Clark Ross, 1800-1862, British Naval Officer and explorer; Artist: John R. Wildman (1785-1839), National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Sir James Mann Wordie (1889–1962), Master (1952–1959), Geologist, Member of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Weddell Sea Expedition by Rodrigo Moynihan

Charles James Napier, GCB (10 August 1782 – 29 August 1853), was a general of the British Empire and the British Army's Commander-in-Chief in India, notable for conquering Sindh in what is now Pakistan. Flickr - Photo Sharing!

James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, 1860 Envoy to China. It was him who order the Summer Palace be burnt, in retaliation to British POW's being tortured.