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I just stay quiet to most but to my closest friend- hopefully she is not tired of listening...

From disease prevention to an abundance of vitamins minerals, the kiwi provides a wide array of benefits. Kiwis have phytonutrients, which repair DNA, act as the body’s protection against some cancers function as antioxidants. Oz. for Oz., Kiwis contains more vitamin C than oranges may confer a significant protective effect against respiratory symptoms associated with asthma such as wheezing, night coughs, shortness of breath, severe wheeze, chronic cough runny nose. #dherbs #healthtips

4 stretches you need to do if you sit at a desk all day

#chronicallyawesome  Lifestyle Management With a Chronic Illness

Lifestyle Management with a Chronic Illness

Being a caregiver to your loved one living with asthma comes with its own set of challenges. One could be a parent to their child with asthma or one might be the... READ MORE

Spoon Theory. How are spoons are used up. Spoonie quotes. Discover handmade items made by people living with Chronic Illness, Disability or Caring for those affected.

Gluten Free Diets: Fad or Functional?

What's the deal with gluten free diets? Some people say they're good, some people say they're a fad. Are they really useful for people who don't have Celiac?