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I remember the ultimate goal was to go so fast that it was only flashes of color


21 Things Today's Kids Will Never Know

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No though. Think about it. So many of the avengers have ptsd or ptsd-like symptoms. Wanda almost certainly has some sort of issues from the Hell she's gone through and from losing her twin. She's going to panic at unidentified people appearing in her home. But can you imagine what goes through her mind? My poor Wanda

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11/1: Ao no Exorcist

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I use this on my girls all the time!!! I've even faked throwing the stuff I've had to find in the trash. ;-)

Age of Ultron Mother's Day XD...did the Vision get Tony a fake Thor's hammer so he could pick it up and pretend it was the real one?!

Thomas Sangster all around. <--- He genuinely has his childhood facial expression on in this picture and I literally love it.

the whole growing up a girl hashtag is super cissexist though tbh