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Ghost ships have sparked the imagination of many a sailor or landlubber for centuries. Read on and discover the stories of four such ghost ships: The Flying Dutchman, The Mary Celeste, The Octavius and Le Caleuche.

Disappearing Ships -The Flying Dutchman - Fata Morgana. The story sued to give me the chills as a kid, especially reading it before bed.

How to Draw the Flying Dutchman, Step by Step, Nickelodeon Characters, Cartoons, Draw Cartoon Characters

La Victoria de Hierro, nave de Victarion Greyjoy

When storms come your way. Remember to put your trust in the One that controls the storm and your boat will never capsize. - Miranda is very concerned with the well being with the sailors on the ship when Prospero sets a storm.

I don't know whose this is, but its an awesome work of art. If anyone recognizes the artist and the source (web address) that should be attached to this image, please let me know!

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Pink sky Swiss Alps near Belalp, Switzerland / John Tina Reid

I'm looking for the real deal when it comes to love. Swans mate for life. I'm the honest to God romantic who's searching for a MAN who wants it forever as well.

Fairy Tale Forest - This is the dream God sent me about Donnie the day before he died -the dream where God assured me He had Donnie & he would be happy & ok with Him. God was so kind & good to give this dream to me.