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Before I die, I want to...

Stop being "just friends". His is so true and we are more than just friends at the moment :D

See board: Dream Home ;)

I guess this would be a little different from the "design my dream house" one. You can design a house all day long, but I'd also like to actually live in it too!

I want to do this so bad! At least for a couple of months!!

I want to live in New York City at least once in my life. 6 Months would do it, Rent a cool Loft and really get a feel for the place. Fingers Crossed - One day.

Get every tattoo I've ever wanted

Somedays I want to get every tattoo I ever wanted. Beautiful white lace tattoos, or a huge portrait of frida khalo or a beautiful quote . Then other days I'm like thank god I didn't start that addiction hmmm

Yeah its the best of life, it also could get u in trouble if u r anything like me

bucket list: pull a fire alarm DONE (mind you, it was accidental, but it still happened) This one goes hand in hand with my goal to evacuate an entire building, which was the consequence of my trip into our dorm's fire alarm.

I wish myself good luck with this one 'cause I'm single as a pringle

have a relationship that lasts successfully for at least a year: I hate this one because it should last a life time

Meet Taylor Swift!  With my daughter Shelby because its one of her dreams and I wanna be there with her when it happens!

taylor swift: this is on a bucketlist. CHECK i have met taylor swift. One of the best moments of my life. Shes so amazing!

Necessarily wish once I,ll be in love and ready. :)

*check* bucket list: move in with the one i love. hey i can check this off my list:)