Kirie is a japanese word for paper cutting art. Kirie clock series explore design motifs based on this traditional paper cutting art with laser cut acrylics. eco-friendly 3ply bamboo  -it's lovingly sanded and finished with natural oil. -Intricately laser cut Acrylic Ivory -Chocolate brown hour and minute hands.

The bamboo Kirie (Birdies - small) clock by Decoylab is as much a statement piece of wall-art as it is a functional clock. Perfect for any room as it does not make a ticking sound. The design was inspired by the Japanese art of paper cutting (kirie).

Floral Design Laser cut clock by DomusDecorClocks on Etsy, £35.00

Floral Design clock, Laser cut clock, wooden clock by DomusDecorClocks

Bamboo Unique Wall Clock Modern Numeric by HOMELOO , $39.99

Modern number fonts with black clock hands shows time clearly. Material: Bamboo Color: Original (light) and Carbonize (dark ) Taiwan quartz movements:

Spider - unique modern wooden wall clock, laser cut, wall art

Radium II - stylish modern wooden wall clock in blue, a piece of wall art

Vintage East German wall clock Weimar GDR brass starburst

Vintage East German wall clock Weimar GDR brass starburst