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Pink Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Pink Tulip Wedding Bouquet

A spring-inspired bouquet filled with white-and-blush peonies, fragrant lavender, and stock |

44 Fresh Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Brides: 44 Fresh Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas, white-and-blush peonies, fragrant lavender, and stock

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Alicia Jayne Florals and Klaya Marie Photography Art with Nature and Michael Radford Photography Bare Root Flora and Sarah Bo.

Use contrasting colors to create drama in your container for gardening. Here, shades of purple mix well together -- and make a stunning contrast for a salmon geranium. This planting grows best in full sun. A. Lobelia erinus -- 3 B. Petunia 'Blue Velvet' -- 1 C. Geranium (Pelargonium 'Fantasia Salmon') -- 2 D. Viola 'Sorbet Purple Duet' -- 2 E. Lavender pink Petunia  -- 1/

Great Containers for Gardening

A Gallery of Beautiful Container Garden Ideas A- Lobelia.B- Petunia "Blue Velvet".C- Geranium "Fantasia Salmon".D- Viola " Sorbet Purple Duet.E- Petunia " Lavender Pink"

Decoration: Outdoor Party Decorations

Let's have a tea party. There's so many new party themes and one of my favorite is tea party theme. I love all the super cute decor an.