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The assertion that your mind cannot be changed is a commitment to having ill-formed ideas about the world.  If that’s the best you can do in defense of your religion, your religion isn’t worth much.

Response to the "I'm a Christian, you cannot change my mind" meme.

Atheists. The most discriminated against minority in the US. Probably not far in the rear worldwide when you consider the 13 countries where announcing atheism can get you killed, or the other dozen where it can get you jailed or fined.

Although the smallest most hated minority is being pro life while an atheist, this has been a big coming out for lots of people I have discovered.

The spiritual world is real....but don't believe the lie you have been spoon fed your entire lives. Think for yourself. Just because you have been told Christianity is true doesn't mean it is. Christianity sells itself saying it will "set you free." The truth is you were already free. Christianity puts you immediately into chains. Judgement from fellow Christian's, guilt, control over every aspect of your life. Original sin is not true. You were born free! Live the life you choose.

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Prayer, Ricky Gervais. Grown adults refusing to take medication in favor of prayer is my favorite form of natural selection.

Now, I'm a Christian myself, but this graphic has a good point for any Christian who is talking to those who are not Christians.  If someone doesn't believe in Hell, then threatening them with it is like threatening a Christian with not going to Valhalla.

Why do theists seriously not understand why this isn't a real threat? And that it's incredibly condescending and ineffective to make such threats (or ANY for that matter).