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Elementary Science Fair Document Grades 3-6

A contract and starter document for a science project and research paper. This document helps students in upper elementary grades to stay organized through the scientific process as they work on a school science project. This also helps them to remain accountable via student, parent, and teacher signatures being required on the documents.

Engage your students with project based learning. These culminating projects are a great way to end the school year. Students love these projects because they allow them to use their imaginations and make their own choices. Teachers love them because they free up some time to work on end of year obligations.

FREE! Print out this simple, yet effective form to help your substitute document their time spent in your class. This quick reference sheet will note a variety of management issues, concerns, or suggestions that the classroom teacher should be made aware of during their time away.

Kristin Lee

How do you know when a chemical change has occurred? Help your students find the answer! Find this and other middle school science activities.

STEM Mathematician Poster for Elementary [someone who]

Back to School Creative Thinking--Happy School Year

Get your students thinking on the first day of school! Fun critical and creative thinking activities for grades 3-5. Team Tasks, Truth or Dare, Measurement Time Capsule and MORE! From More Than a Worksheet $

Connect Four: Simplifying Fractions

Connect Four: Simplifying Fractions! This game is for math in the upper elementary and middle school grades. Students must simplify fractions and connect four spaces in a row on their game board. Great way for students to practice simplifying fractions in small groups or as a math center. This game focuses entirely on simplifying fractions.

Use this page as part of an introduction to ecosystems.... we are putting these in the first page of our science journals for this section.