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Just As Planned by justixoxo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Oh Pabu. You silly little thing.

Okay, I'm not much for Makorra, but this is pretty cute

So swedt love for makorra❤💕💪

b537b0292b306e0a642041c7808ecfb3.jpg (736×3624)

b537b0292b306e0a642041c7808ecfb3.jpg (736×3624)

Kataang comic_ May be he...(2) by psycheJ93 on deviantART

There will be next comic and That will be last one of this kataang fan c. Kataang comic_may be he

Makorra: Sparring by friedChicken365.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Avatar: TLOK" fan art - Korra and Mako fight training.

It's great knowing that even though Korra and Asami started dating, Mako is still just really good friends with them.

No one knows how badly I want this. I ship both Makorra and Korrasami even though Korrasami is cannon. But I could so see Mako and Korra doing this!

The Fire Lord doesn't babysit for a certain reason by theOriginalKEA on DeviantArt

"Zuko the babysitter" This is just so funny XD especially because their first kid is Bumi.

Legend of Korra - Legs Eleven - 4 by ~crusanite on deviantART

Page [link] Page -here- Page [link] DEM LEGS Another page. Legend of Korra - Legs Eleven - 4


sorry guys inspiration and fangirlism got in the way!

Mako and Korra aayyeeee! <3 <3 they really need to get back together

I was waiting for a hot angry kiss here

Katara and Zuko got married and had a son, but Zuko died:(

Katara and Zuko got married and had a son, but Zuko died:( I don't ship it but it's cute and hey it might be someone's otp

Zuko's secret hobby by Matereya

Zuko's secret hobby by Matereya on deviantART

What have I done? …Somebody stop me before my headcanons go out of control! lol! This is what I imagined happening when Korra restores Tahno’s bending! ....

Tahno gets his bending back by on deviantART<<<<Dying of laughter!

Bolin and Korra by ~Pabloeinstein on deviantART

Bolin and Korra by ~Pabloeinstein on deviantART

"Makorra - Noodles and Company by KentuckyRedneck.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt" this is the most adorable thing. ever. Oh the feels

"However, with the way Mako’s been looking the past few weeks, Bolin couldn’t help but to take notice. Makorra - Noodles and Company

The Legend of Korra: omg i love this! wish it was in the show!

The Legend of Korra: whoa! I never connected that!