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26 Demanding Kids Who Didn’t F*ck Around With Their Letter to Santa (Pics) -

Plastic Bag Paint Activity--Build toddlers writing skills as they make shapes, swirls and letters on a plastic bag filled with paint.

Phonics Apps for Kids

These Phonics Apps for Kids help kids practice with basic phonics skills, including recognizing the letters of the alphabet, alphabet matching, and word building.

Keyboard / Piano Stickers up to 61 KEYS the best way to learn Piano

Qué es la dislexia #infografia #infographic #health #education

What is Dyslexia? #infographic (I'd just argue that the ratio is closer to 2 out of every 10 are dyslexic to some degree.)

You won't figure out who you really are by pleasing people..' ~ Don Miller / so only say yes to things when you really mean it, and say no when you don't. Don't fall into the trap of living for the praise of people, because often they're just as broken as we are, and words can be so cheap. So don't let people pleasing take away who you truly are - it certainly ain't the best for you!

The Best Math Games for Kids

These are the best math games for kids that we have tried. My kids had so much fun, they didn't realize they were learning!