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Religion has inspired and driven people to do truly horrible things to others, and for what? Basically because they think their invisible friend wanted them to and that he'd eternally reward or hurt them based on if they obeyed him or not.

open mind: consider perspective: illegal immigration is not a new problem. Native Americans used to call it White people.


Allow science to fix for you, what science can fix… Support scientific research…into fixing what science cannot presently fix… Oppose religion interfering with science researching fixes…for what.


All opposite of what American does. In France the doctor comes to your house if you need it, free dental care in England, Germany you get alternative healthcare along with traditional, all free. Why don’t we know this?

Evolution of god.  This is such a sad fact for many people.

Evolution of God

Evolution of god. This is such a sad fact for many people.

Rapa Nui, Moai, Páscoa

The Rapa Nui (Easter Island) heads have bodies! While this isn't news in the Archaeology world, the discovery of hieroglyphs on the bases sort of is. Really interesting stuff!

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I am a Christian, however, I don't take the bible literally and will never get why others do. Man is flawed and the bible was written, translated, and interpreted by man. Of course the bible would be too!

I worry for those who need a book or someone else to tell them what is moral, what is right, and what is wrong.

I have no need of religion, I care about people and live according to my conscience. I don't need to pretend I am going to be rewarded or punished for my behavior. I don't need a "God" to tell me what's right or wrong.