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No Excuses | Get Fit With Bianca Jade & Hourglass Angel Waist Trainers

This glove is a collaboration with Bianca Jade of! It was designed by Bianca who is a Wellness TV Host, fitness lover and banana aficionado. All stages of banana ripeness are represented. Time to Go Bananas for your workout! Choose the option to have the the top of each glove adorned with Swarovski crystals to add that sparkle that only bananas can to your life! MIZZFIT BIANCA JADE'S THOUGHTS... Bianca Jade here! I designed this glove for G-Loves because they make the best…

Bianca Jade of sits down with the bravest woman in fitness, Lauren Berlingeri, who is the host of "Woman Vs Workout" on YouTube. Lauren reveals what it's like to take on the scariest and most physically challenging missions. Her workouts may get dirty but Lauren's wellness routine is super clean. Watch MizzFIT's interview to get the scoop!

Gorgeous Core & Legs Workout. A video showing you how to look beautiful even when you sweat. This is Part 2 of MizzFIT's Fitness & Makeup series where Bex leads a 4-minute "quickie" workout to tone arms, legs and core. For more videos, check out >>

Couch Potato Booty Blast Workout By MizzFIT. Work that booty of yours without ever having to leave your couch.

This is what Box #MIZ02 looked like. It was loaded with fitness gear, my favorite protein powder energizers, music, workouts and even a pair of fitness socks. Feel like you missed out? You can still get it from @Quarterly Co. here: