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FUSION 2014 | Mr. and Mrs. Wang - YouTube

I’ve had quite a few asks in my inbox from GCSE students asking for general advice, so o jotted down a few little things I learnt/that I think are important. Hope they’re ok for you guys! (Think I’ve tagged every possible GCSE subject haha)

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7 Important Things We ALWAYS Forget And Some Apps To Solve It

good night mares

yesterday I actually counted the number of people at my school who DONT annoy me. I counted NINE. there is 1200+ students at my school

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Peek through a tree hole at the bark deco

Noooo, these aren't raccoons. This is street art by Wang Yue, dubbed Barksy by the press, whose work can be found in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

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3 Fotos que nos deberían ayudar a no decir nunca más ‘Ella se lo buscó”

What a woman is wearing does not mean she's asking to be a rape victim.

Internal organs of the human body English lesson. please like our Facebook page


Black Positive Image

soulfulremixed: Steve Biko was the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa. In 1968 he cofounded the all-black South African Students’ Organisation. The organisation’s message spread from campuses to the general community, and in 1972 Biko helped found the Black People’s Convention. He was arrested many times for his anti-apartheid work and in 1977, died from injuries while in police custody. Joan Baez ~ Biko

Looking for a fulfilling life? Get inspired by Nelson Mandela's favourite quotes.