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British synthpop duo, Hurts (AKA Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson) have been on my list of bands to see since

untilyourheartbeathurtsnomore:  Tirade Magazine

untilyourheartbeathurtsnomore: Tirade Magazine


hurts so good It’s been a while since there’s been a great male pop duo, but Hurts from the UK might just be the next Pet Shop Boys It.

The boys of Hurts, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson.

English band, Hurts is back with yet another amazing material called "Sandman". It is set to appear on their upcoming highly anticipated sec.

Hurts Announce European Tour Hurts have just announced their forthcoming European tour, seeing them perform over 20 shows throughout February and March making this their biggest tour to date.

Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson, Hurts #hurts #musicbands

Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson, Hurts #hurts #musicbands

Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson = HURTS...  Sie haben sich via Internet ausgetauscht, da sie sich den Fahrpreis zum jeweils anderen Haus nicht leisten konnten. Was machen Sie mit Ihrem Geld heut zu Tage?

Hurts - Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson