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Are you attending the Foundry Art Centre for the Annual Wine & Chocolate event?! If so La Ville will be there with a bunch of new arrivals spring merchandise and accessories galore! Tickets are still available! by shoplaville

i know exactly! i love it or when you give someone a high fiver and they intwine their fingers with yours at the last second. or when you try to give someone a high five but they open their arms and they give you a hug this has happened to me before :D

This is really true! Americans don't sleep enough and they work too much. The brain doesn't have enough time to cleanse itself and repair itself naturally. Result Dr.s think is more Alzhiemer's and Brain disorders and Psychiatric probe....? Austism

God knows all the things that have happened - He was the One Who heard your first word, saw you take your first step... He was the One Who saw your heartbreak when you weren't picked at school - or when you were picked on. God saw. He was always there :).