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Кокошник. Вторая половина ХIХ в. Русские. Олонецкая губ. http://www.ethnomuseum.ru/kokoshnik-russkie-oloneckaya-gub

Armenians and Armenian Photographers in the Ottoman Empire. J. Pascal Sebah (Armenian, 1823-1886), Armenian Men, ca. 1875. Los Angeles, Getty Research Institute (96.R.14, Box 77).

Traditional costumes of (from right to left) a married Muslim woman of Selanik (Salonika); a married Jewish woman of Selanik (Salonika); and a Bulgarian woman of Perlèpè (Prilep). From the album Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873 (Popular costumes of Turkey in 1873). This album depicting ethnic costumes from throughout the Ottoman Empire was commissioned by the Ottoman government for the 1873 International Fair in Vienna and was authored by Hamdi Bey and Victor Marie de Launay.

Photograph of a woman of the household of Sultan Abdul Hamid II c. 1890, taken by Johannes Sebah and Policarpe Joaillier.

One albumen print, circa 1860-1870, of a seated Turkish woman, by Abdullah Bros. of Istanbul. Vichen, Hovsep and Kevork Abdullah were a family of Ottoman Armenian photographers, known by their French name Abdullah frères, who operated a studio in Istanbul from 1858 to 1900. In 1863 they became official royal photographers to the Ottoman Sultan.

Clothing from province of Adrianople (Edirne), Ottoman State. 1-Muslim horseman of Filibe (Plovdiv), 2-Bulgarian of Koyuntepe, 3-Bulgarian of Ahi Tchelebi (Ahi Celebi). Istanbul, 1873

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