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"After you drink from tne cup, you will have no choice but to fufil my every wish," Kingston smiled evily as I laughed. "Relax dude, were all crazy. It's not a competiton." I countered and Kingston grabbed my hand. "I'm not crazy. I am right."

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Bill murray print

Guilty. Though usually I pretended it was water. I tried to get Joshua to play the other day, but he just looked at me like I was nuts when I told him he would need to swim to the kitchen to get a juice box. Kids have no imagination these days.

Ahahaaa sooo true and it only just happened to me again 2 weeks ago..Face first into a pebble dash wall..ah but whats a fractured nose and a cut open face in the scheme of life eh :)

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No Soliciting, We Found Jesus, We Love Our Vaccuum, We Gave At The Office, And My Kid Is Selling The Same Crap That You Are Sign, funny, Welcome