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The Heartsmith

The Heartsmith

This is legit so cute. So many feels. I love the Heartsmith. I KNOW that i would share my heart with the Heartsmith, he is so kind

Funny Pictures – 40 Pics

Someone snapped a photo of this couple while sitting at Starbucks. This man was teaching his wife/girlfriend (no one knows yet!) the alphabet. She had lost her memory and was re-learning how to read. Patience, love and understanding at its finest.

Awesome. Well done Mr. Mayor

25 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel interrupts a woman's job interview over the phone to give his personal recommendation.

We are all human beings why can't we take the time to show the kindness and respect that is truly needed in this world

She Ridiculed The Store Bagger For Being Too Slow But The Store’s Cashier Shocked Her By Doing This. story interesting disabilities stories good people<<<He looks like he got the kindest soul

My faith in humanity was both crushed and rebuilt in this one story.

My faith in humanity was both crushed and rebuilt in this one story. Thus cashier is an amazing person.

More Ways That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity | Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth

So sweet. More Ways That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Just read every single one of these. made me cry

She will always be missed. Repin to share the memory of this beautiful and strong young lady.

She will always be missed…

Repin if your heart goes out to this little girl. When I first started reading this, I almost started crying its so sad

This is just so sweet. I cried thinking that that little girl won't have her daddy at her real wedding. I couldn't imagine a life without my dad. It makes me sad so I'm proud of that girl for trying to stay strong.

Cop quote

Faith In Humanity Restored - 23 Pics This particular pic is of Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock, AR police dept.

just keep swimming...

Talia has an amazing outlook on life! She should be a lesson to us all about staying positive! She will be greatly missed and is a huge inspiration to me! Heaven has gained an amazing angel! I love you Talia! Just keep swimming!

Faith In Humanity #54

Faith In Humanity #54

Faith in Humanity Short, different stories. Meme Center : Vlade Posts - Page 75 - Meme Center

Oh my goodness I can't handle this...

Good guy reporter…

Funny pictures about Good guy reporter. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy reporter. Also, Good guy reporter.

Kevin Durant Honors Mother During MVP Speech | Mothers and Fathers should sacrifice for their children. Every human life holds equal value. Every human life should be fought for. Embrace the struggle and discover the beauty of true love.

INTERESTING, beautiful, and so sweet and inspiring! (“Kevin Durant talking about his mom during MVP speech.