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Best Supernatural Memes or gifs! - Page 2 - BabyCenter

Best Supernatural Memes or gifs! - Page 2

[gifset] Jensen and Jared #VegasCon15 Yet, Jensen is the one who listens to Taylor Swift in his trailer.

It's so funny how in that episode, Dean likes the song and Sam doesn't or just mainly shocked that Dean does. But IRL, Jared seems to love it and Jensen will not even mention it by name.

J2 and a fan | Supernatural

oh my lord look at how Jensen reacts with the hand grabbing and Jared and oh my lord

This is one of the many resins why I love Jared and Jensen

my boy. on

Hahahhaha, Jared's reaction is the best part. >>> Jared's reaction and Jensen's serious face.