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ZEITGEIST, U.S.A. by John Biscello - A modern satire spun from penile-enlarged celebrity, 80s music, Irreverent Conception, and other things essentially American. Other

TEEN HACKERS by Christopher Tisdale - Some friends in the impoverished city of Detroit, who met online through different gaming communities get involved in helping their parents keep their homes by hacking into mortgage company's networks and changing the payment data from owing to paid... Adventure, Young Adult

THREE-DAY FLIGHT TO FREEDOM by Mariya Koleva - Shine, 17, is longing to escape her miserable life and weird home. A military coup d'etat sends her away from Earth. She never planned to escape from her world, but you don't always get to chose your cards. On Elegrin, the Resistance movement is running a rebellion to overthrow Earth's dominion. Lives and fates intertwine in a struggle to make dreams come true. Sci Fi

THE CLOUD ELDERS by Rob Young - The ancient Cloud Elders once battled each other fiercely. One day, they just vanished. Now they've returned. The Anasazi tribe is caught in the middle of their new war. Five generations of Anasazi must fight to preserve the human race. #Adventure #SciFi #Fantasy #Superhero #JP30

TRACKED. by Megan Jane - Bee Jalloh lives in the dilapidated shadow of East London, and while the epidemic of Dementia threatens everything she holds dear, including her father. Her brother continues to drink himself into oblivion, and while Bee holds down three underpaid jobs, he spends most of his nights at The Tracks, which is more than illegal... Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

CALLING ALL HEROES by Nick Macari - Tucked away in the far reaches of the universe, mankind has taken our quiet existence and our self important lives completely for granted. Since the beginning we've stumbled along ignorant to the brutal destructive beings that share our reality. In all of written history man has never been challenged by any such beings. That is about to change... Adventure, Sci Fi, Superhero, Thriller

UNIVERSAL NEXUS INTELLECTS by Andre-Omari John - Book one in a saga where science and fantasy collide. Organised Chaos explores the texture of time which tells the intertwining tale of two people fated to challenge divinity itself. Fantasy, Sci Fi

A SYMMETRIC KEYS by Steve Hands - In a prediction of a future 10 years from now will a lazy but brilliant hacker who unwittingly holds the key to ending the rampant genetic discrimination that is tearing Britain apart fall prey to members of a desperate underworld of politics and criminality. Or will he rescue those in dire need by exposing the truth behind the government's nano-technology programme...Adventure, Contemporary Fic., Dystopian, Sci Fi, Thriller

STOLEN PLANET by Jillian Fitzgerald - "Something's coming." That's the last thing his father told him. Sheeran Bixby was doing his best to keep out of trouble the last two weeks of his high school career. He never expected to be running for his life instead of taking his last exams or fighting to save his father instead of fighting the urge to cut class... Adventure, Cross-Genre, Dystopian, Other , Sci Fi, Young Adult