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For just $68 you can be a "nigger" too

If you were on the lookout for a good deal on some Abercrombie or Hollister cargo pants, and you didn’t think to try one of the many coupons that I post here for you, then you may have come across some nigger brown pants in your search.

haha jurassic park. Get your S- together Phil

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Supervisor +Phil, this wasn’t amateur hour. People died because of your lack of supervision. There were raptors all up in the kitchen Phil. Worst dinosaur supervisor ever.

Holla!  I'm goin' down to tha Dolla

Meanwhile in the hood, Honey Boo Boo went to this store and yelled "A dolla make me holla honey boo boo!


Someone get this man an award for the prevailing theory behind divorce.

Kate Middleton meme

Funny pictures about For richer or for poorer. Oh, and cool pics about For richer or for poorer. Also, For richer or for poorer.

Come at me 2012

Come at me 2012

Bring It! I don't know who Justin Bieber is, but I'm glad I survived her! i survived countless reposts come at me bro

My moms signature  @Lindsey Daley  lolz

My moms signature

Funny School Teacher Child Parent Note Picture Image Seems Legit Joke