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Katy, TX - Kathy Andrews Animal Wellness Clinic.

"The reason cats climb is so they can look down on almost any other animal...that's also the reason they hate birds." --K C Buffington

* * " Me haz always envied peoples who coulds sleeps easily.Der brains musts beez cleaner, de floorboards of der skulls well-swept; allz de littles monsters closeds up in a small steamer trunk atz de foot of de bed." [David Benioff - City of Thieves

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How to Help Traumatized Cats

Even a well-adjusted cat can be traumatized by a particularly bad experience with another animal, a human or her environment. If you suspect you're dealing with a traumatized cat, giving her a combination of affection, personal space and time will help her come around and recover.

Study: Essential Oils and Coconut Oil Effective For Skin Disorders on Dogs

Why Feeding Your Pet One Food for a Lifetime May be Problematic I commonly hear people say, “My pet can’t be allergic to her food, she’s bee...

Holistic vet Dr. Karen Becker gives you invaluable information and encouragement to help improve pet health, regardless of age or health history.